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Powerd By : NorthPony

In a hot and humid weather, looking for something cold and refreshing in a typical Malaysian afternoon is common. Here is the famous Cendol for all. It is originating from Java, Indonesia. The most famous of them all is the stall located at Penang Road which still exists today.

60g green bean flour (Hoon Kwe Flour)
300ml water
1 tsp pandan paste
100g red bean, cooked

1.  Mix green bean flour with water and pandan paste. Blend well until a smooth mixture is obtained.
2.  Cook mixture over medium heat, stirring all the time until the mixture thickens and turns translucent.
3.  Fill a basin with ice and cold water and set the cendol mould over it.  Use a wooden spoon to press cooked dough, a little at a time, through the preforations into the cold water.  Drain cendol in a colander and set aside.
4.  To serve, spoon 2 tbsp of cendol and red bean into a bowl, top with shaved ice, chilled coconut milk and 1 or 2 tbsp of gula melaka syrup.

Gula Melaka Syrup:
300g gula melaka
200g rock sugar
200ml water
2 pandan leaves, knotted

1.  Place all ingredients and cook till the sugar dissolves and forms thick syrup.
2.  Remove pandan leaves and strain into a small bowl.  Leave to cool.

Coconut milk:
Use ready squeezed coconut milk, add a pinch of salt and store in the refrigerator.


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