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Powerd By : NorthPony
Acheen Street Mosque


     The Acheen Street Mosque also called Masjid Jamek or Melayu (Malay Mosque), is an old mosque located at the heritage enclave of George Town. Its  structure reflects a strong Moorish (northern Indian) architecture, combined with Chinese and classical elements visible in the entrance arch, the small domes on the parapet, classical columns, plaster renderings upon the walls and mehraba also Egyptian style minarets.

     Next to the mosque lay the cemetery of the mosque's original benefactor,  Tengku Syed Hussain Al-Aidid and members of his family. The houses surrounding the mosque today is part of the original Muslim settlement of the mid 19th century.


     The mosque was founded in 1801, making it one of the oldest mosques in Penang. The founder was Tengku Sheriff Syed Hussain Al-Aidid, an Acehnese clan leader who moved to Penang at the invitation of Captain Francis Light, and settled at what became Acheen Street.

     In the 18th century, with Malacca in decline, trades along the Straits of Malacca moved northwards to Acheh. When Francis Light established the trading post in Penang, he wanted to create a Britsh trading post that rivals Acheh. To do this, he attracted merchants and traders from all over to settle in George Town. As a result, Penang had substantial communities of immigrants from Phuket, China, South India, Acheh, Arabia, and Jews from as far away as Armenia. One of these who settled here was Tengku Syed, a wealthy Achehnese merchant of Arab descent.

     The Acheen Street Mosque has a Arab-style minaret with a Achehnese roof. The difference between this mosque and the other one, the Kapitan Kling nearby, is that the Acheen Street Mosque was built by a Achehnese, hence a Malay, whereas the Kapitan Kling Mosque was built by the Indian Muslims.




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