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Powerd By : NorthPony
Penang Snake Farm


     The Snake Farm is a reptile menagerie located  within the compound of the Snake Temple in Sungai Keluang, Bayan Lepas. It was started by Mr Chew Poh Hoo and his sister, and contains over 50 species of snakes, including the rare Albino Cobra.

     The Snake Farm opened around 2006. It provides its expertise in looking after the pit vipers of the Snake Temple in return for the opportunity to operate within its compound.

     According to Mr.Chew, some Chinese believe that the skin of the snake, when placed in the wallet, helps a person keep his money - as though the snake offers protection to the cash.

     Snakes shed their skin, and remnant of the skin is displayed in the farm. According to Mr Chew, snakes that are healthy shed their skin whole. On the other hand, the skin shedded by ailing snakes are brittle and breaks into many pieces.

     In addition to snakes, the farm also rears rabbits, macaques, guinea pigs, iguanas, and other animals. Mr Chew is a believer in yin and yang. Snakes are "yin" animals. The farm adds the presence of rabbits, which carry the "yang" force, for balance the forces.

     If you have a chance to touch the snake, the skin has a strange feel to it, like touching your dog but instead of fur, it is a plastic-like skin. There is also a snake show presented. After members of PHT have taken their seats, Mr Chew took out the snakes. First out of the box were a couple of cobras. Next came the mangrove snake. And then lastly, the king cobra. It was a thoroughly enjoyable visit and all the members had a great time.

     The Snake Farm is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. The admission fee is RM5.00 for adults and RM3.00 for children, with a discount of RM2.00 for persons holding MyKad. Snake shows are given on Saturdays and Sundays.






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