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Powerd By : NorthPony
Wat Nai


        Wat Nai is a Thai Buddhist temple located at Green Lane (Jalan Masjid Negeri) in Penang which is at the same piece of land as Wat Pinbang Onn next to it. The land was given by Queen Victoria to the Thais. Wat Nai is probably best known for the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre located within its premises.

        There is a couple of huge bodhi trees. One of them has a pavilion below it called Jayamangala Mahabodhi. It was opened by the venerable Sayadaw U Pandita on Wesak Day, 7 May 2001, corresponding to Buddhist year 2545. The other bodhi tree, called Vijayuttra Mahabodhi is located at the entrance way of Wat Nai has a small shrine to it.

        One of the principal buildings of Wat Nai is the Tiratana Sima, or Sam Poh Tian / Triple Gems Hall. It was built in the style of Chinese temples, with dragon and curved roof ridges. The Tiratana Sima underwent restoration in 1985 through funds collected by Kathina devotees. The restored hall was opened by the venerable Phra Khru Sorabhanpisuddhgana of Wat Mahathat, Bangkok, on 18 October 1986.






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