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Powerd By : NorthPony
Gurney Drive

     Gurney Drive is an esplanade facing the sea in Penang, just outside Georgetown city. It is one of the popular eating places in Penang where you can experience a delicious & genuine Penang food. It is also become the one of Penang's most happening social areas that is centred on the culture of dining!

     Gurney Drive was named after Sir Henry Gurney, High Commissioner of Malaya (1950-1951), who was assassinated by the guerrillas during the Communist insurgency in the fifties. According to his wife who was with him at the time, he sacrificed himself to the communist regime in order to protect his wife and the driver. Although his tenure in Malaya is very short, his contributions and effort to the Malayans will never be forgotten includes established the Advanced Approved School and the Henry Gurney School in various parts of the Malay States.

     The area is one of the up market residential areas which comprises condos, 5 stars hotels and shopping malls, but in no way it dampens the lively night market or hawker stalls. Car park will become very busy or jammed especially during weekends and public holidays as hundreds of cars drive from different state (from K.L, Ipoh and even Johor) coming for a short meal at the Penang famous seafront.

     Today, Penang Gurney Drive is considered the best vantage point for sunset on the island, which is the best time-out spot for families and lovers, just outside the historical city of Georgetown. Besides, there is the favourite place when it comes to yummy food such as Char Kway Teow, Asam Laksa, Rojak, Lok-Lok and many more. Hawker food stalls have spread out over the years as supporters liked the idea of eating whilst listening to the crashing of waves. Since then, it has become synonymous with delicious food at cheap prices, drawing both residents and visitors in droves every night.

       On weekend nights, Penang Gurney will drown with the hungry Penang folks. Many young Penangites, donned in stylish, often make this place the first stop before hitting Penang popular nightspots.

     The hawker food stalls are operated from about 6.00pm to 1.00am daily.


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