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Penang Cultural Centre



The Penang Cultural Centre (PCC) is best summed up as an all-in-one cultural theme park that offers a glimpse of the diverse cultures of Malaysia in a nutshell. It is located in the Teluk Bahang area and has been busy since it opened by offering visitors an entertaining-cum-educational experience. This award-winning attraction, dubbed as 'Instant Malaysia' by Malaysia Airlines.


Within the 14-acre compound are various attractions such as the Cultural Village and The Istana, a Malay Theatre Restaurant. One of the best parts of any visit to PCC must be the spectacular cultural performance by the PCC's dancers, who have achieved international fame, and appeared frequently at shows in other countries.

The centre is open daily and visitors can enjoy roughly two hours guided tours. The tour includes an array of exciting traditional games, unique handicraft demonstrations and a 45-minute dance and cultural performance. There are three tours to be held daily, the first tour starting from 9.30am and the ending at 10.00pm (dinner show). For more information, please call +604-8851175 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .









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