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Add: Kiri N/T 168, Bkt Penara Mkm 6
Tel: +6 (04) 2264466

     Malihom a private estate located on the southern end of Penang, offer a tranquil getaway. The estate comprises a cluster of traditional Thai rice barns which have been carefully converted with modern comforts while respecting traditional charms.

     At the hub of the estate lies the main wing which holds the reception, dining and living areas. The barns are connected to the main wing by way of footpaths. Each barn, with its own unique character has a private garden or a decl. This arrangement provides guests with privacy and seclusion with a backdrop of breathtaking views.

     The barns are individually furnished and come with en-suite bathrooms. They are equipped with individually controlled air-conditioning units, fans, mini-bar fridges, electronic safes, 100% white cotton linen & feather down pillows and essential oil toiletries.

We have eight barns for rental.

     We try to conserve and preserve the use of our resources as much as we can. A large part of the estate was built using recycled wood and building material. For instance, the barns used to be storage barns on paddy fields in Thailand but no longer used in present day farming whilst the decking were old abandoned railway sleepers. Cleaning products for furniture and flooring are 100% natural and bio-gradable. In time, we would line to cultivate an organic garden large enough to supply our daily menu and a compost area for natural degradation of waste.

1. Paya Terubong to Cheng Ji Chan
Starting point 1:
Enter from United Hokkien Cemetery arch along the Paya Terubong road.
Starting Point 2:
Enter from Bubble Plastic (M) Sdn Bhd building.
2. Air Itam to Balik Pulau

Balik Pulau town is among the few fascinating places left untouched by haphazard development that seem to plague the rest of Penang island. It is worthwhile to spend some time exploring this place.

Bird watching is an activity that requires alertness and patience. There are over 200 species of bird recorded in Penang. Some of the more common species which can be spotted from the peak of Malihom include aerial birds like raptors, swallows and swifts; migratory birds such as japanese sparrowhawk, black baza and crested honey-buzzard; and common gliders such as white belly sea eagle, brahminy kite and crested-serpent eagle.

Balik Pulau is famous for its fruit orchards, in particular, durians which are often hailed as King of Fruits. Most true connoisseurs claim Penang durians are the best, owing to the island’s rocky terrain, climate and rich mineral soils.


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