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Paramount Hotel


Add: 48F Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Tel:      +604 227 3649 
Fax:+604 226 3609
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    PARAMOUNT HOTEL is one of a few in the heart of George Town City, Penang, with a beach front where, traditionally, locals would come for a leisurely meal by the sea and fishermen in small boats would their catch for the local market. They still do.

     While you stay here, expect to see the nearby fisherfolk land fish, crabs, even lobsters. And you can get it cooked immediately at the hotel’s restaurant, Ocean Green, which is one of the best seafood eatery in town.

     Established in 1948 and run by a family for three generations, Paramount is housed in a quaint British colonial bungalow that has retained its old charms. Its management remains traditional – as in the good old days, fuss-free, friendly and efficient with personal attention.

    Its 15 rooms of various sizes have been refurbished recently (mid-2009) and now boasts modern amenities like upgraded air-conditioning and toilets, and free Internet access.


Ocean Green Restaurant
Ocean Green is one of the best seafood restaurants on the island - serving fresh seafood caught fresh daily from the seas of Penang.

The restaurant is open from noon until 11pm daily, and is a must try if you're staying in town.

The following are some of our trademark specialty dishes:

- Traditional charcoal grilled satay with overlayed sauce
- Freshly grilled crab meat topped with cheese
- Deep fried baby chicken
- Hainanese spring rolls
- Deep fried spicy salt and pepper mantis prawns
- Fresh boiled tiger prawns
- Fried shark's fin

For reservations, please contact us at   +604 227 4530   or   +604 227 2681 

Rooms & Rates
     At Paramount, we strive to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Our rooms are cleaned daily and our room toilets come with an electrical hot water shower facility for our guests. All rooms are also air conditioned.

The types of rooms available are as follow:

Family Deluxe - RM180 per room
Family Large Double - RM 150 per room
Seaview Double - RM 88 per room
Standard Double - RM 68 per room

Dormitory with bathroom attached - RM 30 per person






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