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Powerd By : NorthPony
BM Pek Kong Cheng @ Lao Shu Fen

Chinese Noodle : Lao Shu Fen (Mi Cai Bak)
Location           : Beside Pek Kong Cheng Temple, Bukit Mertajam

     There is a famous stall sell Lao Shu Fen (Yin Zhen Fen) is a Short Rice Noodle which is next to Tua Pek Kong Temple, BM.

     The food sold here although is simple but is very nice and cheap. The main ingredient is lao shu fun which is handmade style, the soup is very clear and taste good with some ingredients included pickled mustard, minced meat, sliced meat and spring onion. For different taste, there is a mug of chilli paste on each table for you to add in as you like.

     The operating hour is from morning 7am - 7pm and it is closed on Thursday. 


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