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Powerd By : NorthPony
Restaurant Lau Yew @ Crab Meat Hor Fun

Chinese Fried Noodles : Crab Meat Hor Fun
GPS Coordinate          : 5.362250 / 100.461600
Location                   : Jalan Stesen, 14000 Bukit Mertajam.

Restoran Lau Yew is located near to the BM Train Station. A stall Crab Meat hor fun which is at the front part makes it quite visible to the passers by.

The fried hor fun also called crab meat hor fun looks normal but with the crab meat and char seu (chopped BBQ pork) as the toppings, it certainly looks unique and delicious. There are red char seu, yellow egg yolk, green vegetables, crab meat and brown hor fun.

The stall owner usually busy preparing the orders for the customers. There are 2 choices to order whether the fried or the wet version, and have either hor fun or bee hun or both (yin yeong).

Size Price
Small              RM3.30
Medium          RM3.80
Large             RM6.00 – 8.00

Business opens daily from 5.30pm till 12am and closes on alternate Mondays.


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