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Powerd By : NorthPony
BM Pek Kong Cheng @ Koay Chap

Chinese Teochew Noodle : Koay Chap
Location                         : Behind BM Pek Kong Cheng 

       One of the popular food in Bukit Mertajam’s is Koay Chap, a Teochew (some say Swatow) dish combining koay teow like noodles and stewed pork and duck located in a market at Pek Kong Cheng (Temple of Tua Pek Kong).

       The Koay Chap has been selling for decades and is very popular among BM people. Some ingredients used are like hard boiled egg, stewed pork skin (very tender and slightly crunchy), intestines and coriander. The tasty gravy that made the Koay Chap delicious is taken from the yellow pot in the middle.

        Because the seats are placed in front of the stall, you are able to see the process of your Koay Chap being prepared. To get the best dishes, enjoy it while it’s still warm!  A small bowl costs RM3 and the large costs RM3.50.


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