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Powerd By : NorthPony
BM Pek Kong Cheng @ White Wantan Mee

Chinese Noodle : White Wantan Mee
Location          :  Beside Pek Kong Cheng Temple, Bukit Mertajam

      A stall located just beside left of the temple Tua Pek Kong was famous with his White Wantan Mee and it has been given a lot of names from White Wantan Mee to Tok Tok Mee to Tokong Mee. However, mostly people around here called it White Wantan Mee.

      The price is RM2.50 per bowl. The ingredients used to prepare a delicious bowl include the noodles they make themselves, choy sam, char siew and wantan. Then, it mixed with soya sauce and soup boiled using pig bones. It is a very much less oily version too.

      The boss has been preparing the noodles for more than 20 years. They rarely rest unless it’s public holiday, Chinese New Year or on a holidays vacation. There are morning and noon sessions which are handled by a different cook. There’s a slight difference in taste but the noodle’s presentation varies a lot. Since there are generally more customers in the mornings, the noodles’ preparation is more rushed.


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