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Powerd By : NorthPony
Restaurant May Foong

Chinese Food     : Koay Teow Th’ng, Prawn Dumpling, Steam Chicken
Location            : 4274 Jalan Kampong Benggali, Butterworth, Penang
GPS Coordinates : 5.408393 / 100.371459

Restaurant May Foong is an old establishment in Kampung Benggali, Butterworth which is famous for its Ipoh Hor Fun (or some called it koay teow), Steam Chicken (pek cham ge in hokkien) and Prawn Dumpling (wanton). It is nearby the famous dim sum eatery, Sweet Paradise Restaurant.

The Hor Fun is smooth, silky and there have two versions in dry or with soup. The dry version is served with some light sauce different with the others use black thick sauce. The soup is clear and tasted good.

The prawn dumpling is also very fresh wrapped with thin and smooth wantan skin. The best one steam chicken in oyster sauce, yumyum… the meat is soft yet fully cooked and taste good with its watery chili sauce which has less garlic!


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