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Powerd By : NorthPony
Bukit Mertajam Old Town Kopitiam

Western Food : Sandwiches, Ice Fire Polo Bun, Oldtown’s French Toast, White Coffee, etc.
Location         : Bukit Mertajam

   The kopitiam is big and may be the 2nd largest branch in Penang. I think Old Town Kopitiam at New World Park remains as the largest. The location is a new business park with many new houses coming up in the surrounding area. 

    I’ve been to this kopitiam a couple of times and find it a really nice and relaxing place to hangout and yamchar. If you want to try something new rather than the usual white coffee, try their cham peng for a change. Cham peng is iced yin yong in Hokkien, which is a mix of coffee and tea.

 Ice Fire Polo Bun, nice!
 Cham peng (iced yin yong in Hokkien) 

 Sandwich (Oldtown’s French Toast)


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