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Powerd By : NorthPony
Restoran Yu Lin

Chinese Food    : A Variety of Dishes
Location              : No. 2836, 2837, Jalan Tampoi Baru, Taman Tampoi, Kampung Baru, 14000, Bukit Mertajam, Penang,
Contact No         : 04-5386 389, 012-478 9511 (Jake Lee), 012-370 8389 (Teh Sow Hwa)
Business Hours: 11.30am till 2.30pm, 5.30pm till 10.30pm
GPS coordinate : N 05° 21.018′   /   E100° 28.387′

Restoran Yu Lin is just slightly across the “dian xing cheng” and just a corner turn from Medan Selera Sentosa. It is a new Chinese restaurant which received good recommendations for the good and cheap Chinese dishes.

The meal started served with the snacks cost RM1.00 while waiting for the foods to be served. If you do not want this, do ask them to take it back as it is charged to your bill.

Below are some good dishes:

Claypot Duck with Yam - generous portions of duck meat and chunks of yam were the main ingredients. Served with rice is very nice!

Salad Prawns – Fresh prawn used to be deep fried to a crisp with the shells still intact. It is a sweet tasting flesh and simply an enjoyable dish.

Fried Shark’s Fin with Egg - it is oiliness, tasted great and lot of ingredients like mushroom and shark’s fin had been used.

Fried Mee Tiao or noodles – It fried with lots of ingredients and nice fried fragrance. Hmmm…

Kam Heong Squids - the fragrance and spiciness of this dish best taken with white rice.

Signature Seafood Tofu (beancurd) – It is crispy on the outside but soft and warm inside, dipped in Thai chili sauce very nice!

Sizzling Plate Tofu – It had lots of tofu cubes, served with rice and chili is good.

Steamed pomfret – a quite fresh and tender in its meat.

Prawns in Claypot with glass noodle – This dish tasted good.

Green vegetables – It cooked at the right heat and time that the vegetables still remained crunchy.


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