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Powerd By : NorthPony
Beside Snake Temple @ Steamed Rice

Food Type: Chinese Food
Location: Coffee Shop Beside Snake Temple

Steamed rice is a simple dish but it isn't common in a lot of places if compare to other foods. There is a small little stall which sells different kinds of steamed rices. The hawker center is located just besides the famous and unique Snake Temple.

This stall was setup at 2007 and it is very simple even without a name. It only sells three kinds of steamed rices which are Salted fish rice(咸鱼肉饭), Mushroom chicken rice(冬菇鸡饭) and Spare ribs rice(排骨饭). All of them are RM4.00 per bowl and the preparation of all dishes are actually almost same, except their toppings.


It basically tastes like claypot rice, minus the burnt rice. The meat is quite springy and the rice is with fragrance of aroma after absorbing the sauce from it's topping during the steaming process. Compare to most other foods that come with rice, steamed rice is not that dry.

This is a simple dish that is less oily and can bring satisfaction to customer in having the bowl of rice. Quite a lot of people around this area loves to dine in here during lunch time.





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