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Powerd By : NorthPony
Batu Maung Seafood


Address:205 Blk-K, Mk-12, Batu Maung, 11960 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 04-6266712
Operation hours: 11AM-2.30PM、5.30PM-11PM


Chef Lee Kok Kun, and the proprietress Zhang Mei-Juan, introduced 6 signature dishes at Batu Mau Seafood.


Batu Maung is a well-known fishing village of Penang Island, a natural place for the local seafood restaurants to creat favorable conditions for them to eat.


Over the years, Batu Maung seafood are renowned among the various restaurants, it is the one of the oldest restaurants located beside Batu Maung Sam Po Gong.


Here has a unique natural marine environment, built on the coast next to the restaurant, there has air-conditioned hall, also has tables outside to enjoy baked crab, or taste the fried clams with sea breeze blowing. If suddenly want to enjoy the seafood feast, do not have to fear whether the restaurant break or not, because accept New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, it does not break in whole year.


Batu Mang seafood which has been established 20 years, although after a management shuffle, but the chef team has remained unchanged since the opening led by Chef Li Kok Kun, creating many of the seafood dishes.



Black Pepper Fried Crab
This Black Pepper fried crab is to test the the experience of the chef , how to make the crab meat not be concealed by the black pepper flavor, but can be integrated. The chef has 20 years of skills, so the dish is full of  the color, the smell and the taste, and become a la carte in Batu Maung Seafood House.


Claypot Baked Grouper
Bake the grouper, the taste is really superior than the other steamed fish. The sand pot baked grouper, is use steamed, Chaozhou steamed and other traditional methods It quite fresh, is also a popular cooking methods.

Use sand pot can make the grouper more cohesion and tastier, so that the flavor become thicker, while add high quality XO sauce to cook soup for extra points. After tasting it, it is really tasty, the secret is add the sour orange, enriched freshness of the grouper, and more appetizing. Finally add the coriander, so that the entire dish can more perfect.




Fried Cuttlefish
If you eat the food because its appearance, then you might miss a cuisine of epic proportions. Fried cuttlefish is inconspicuous, it appears black in colour, but after you eat it, it will let you with admiration.

Tu Qiu Hong said, this dish called exclusive seafood dishes in Batu Maung Seafood House. However, this dish need many process, must go through several rounds of quick-boil water, drain, and fried, this cuisine just can more frsh and crisp.

After being fried, the cuttlefish is also fried with oyster sauce, it is tasty. Whether rice or as a snack, are also the favourite of guest.


Beggar Chicken
Although seafood is spindle Batu Maung Seafood, but in order to meet the diverse needs of the market. Chef is also work hard at other dishes, including a famous dish which is "Beggar Chicken." Its appearance is like a football as big as a dough, wrapped within the medicinal chicken soup.

Beggar Chicken is a dish with folk tale background. In ancient, Beggar Chicken is put into the ground which dug a pit, then grilled with fire. Today's restaurants use oven to cook Beggar Chicken for the convenience and health.

The processed and fried chicken, with six kinds of medicines, including Huai Shan, Yu Zhu, Dang Shen, Hong Zhao, Dang Gui, and Ji Zi soup stew wrapped with the plastic, and then wrapped with foil, outermost layer is made of dough, then bake into the oven. Due to the preparation and cooking effort, so Beggar Chicken needs of reservation, which is a signature dish.




Kam Heong Fried Clams
The ingredients of Batu Maung seafood fried clams is fresh, plus Kam Heong sauces and skill of the chef, the smell of fried clams is pop up.


Wheat Shrimps and Salted Egg Shrimp
Tu Qiu Hong said, wheat shrimp and salted egg shrimp (mantis shrimp) is the independence of the individual dishes, but with the visit, Chef on a burst of inspiration, to make a "Semi", two pairs of food items.

Wheat prawns use the unique aroma of cereal, blend with sweet of the shrimp. Fry the egg and the oatmeal until crisp, golden yellow, appearance more attractive, cereals have been fry into crisp, it becomes fragrant and crisp. As for the shrimp is very sweet, fry with salted egg, peppers, and curry leaves, even bring the sweet of the shrimp into another level.







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