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Powerd By : NorthPony
Coconut Milk Rice


Coconut Milk Rice (nasi lemak in Malay)  is one of the famous breakfast in Malaysia (as lunch or dinner also). With roots in Malay culture, its name is a Malay word that literally means 'rice in cream'. The name is derived from the cooking process whereby rice is soaked in coconut cream and then the mixture steamed.

This is a Malay dish which the rice cooked fragrant with coconut milk, served with crispy anchovies, sambal chilli sauce, boiled egg, cucumber and curry chicken, banana leaf as the wrapper,  appetite and call out all your taste buds.

Ingredients (A):
Dry Chilli
Shrimp Paste
Lemon Grass Leaves
Salted Shrimps

Ingredients (B):
Sugar a bit
Salt a bit

1.All ingredients (A) blended with a bit cooking oil.
2.Heat a bit oil and saute the blended ingredients.
3.Add in the fried anchovies and stir.
4.Pour in the ingredient (B).
5.Add in sugar(optional) and a bit salt.
6.Stir evenly and ready to be served.

<Coconut Rice>


White Rice
Coconut Milk
Pandan Leaves
1pc Ginger

1.Washed the white rice, add in coconut milk, pandan leaves and water (cook as usual).

Other Ingredients:

< Anchovies & Groundnut>
1. Washed and dry the groundnut, fried until crispy.
2. Washed and dry the anchovies, fried until crispy.
3. Mix the groundnuts & the anchovies with a bit salt.

Other Ingredients: Boiled Egg, Cucumber Sliced.






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