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Powerd By : NorthPony
CNY Rice Cake - Nian Gao



CNY Rice Cake (Quick Method) - Nian Gao

Glutinous Rice Flour  -  300g
Water   -  350g
Brown Sugar  -  150g
Sugar  -  50g

Other Ingredients:
Red beans (soaked overnight)
Cheese Bar, as the personal favorite
Sesame, as the personal favorite


1. First brown sugar, sugar and water and stir until sugar dissolves.

2. Add glutinous rice flour, mix well, and then filter the batter.

3. Pour batter into paper or banana leaf mold and use medium heat  to steam for 40 minutes.

4. Want to eat different flavors, you can add in the soaked red bean for red bean CNY cakes. In addition, those who want to eat for the Western tastes, but also in the steamed method, add in the cheese bar for CNY Cheese Cake.

5. When the cake done, take out and leave it to cool. Then, take out and cut the banana leaves on top.

After melting the brown sugar is likely to have waste, so in order to have a soften and smooth cake, the batter need to be filtered first.



------------------------------------------------------------------   -------------------------------------------------------------------



CNY Rice Cake (Traditional Method) - Nian Gao

Glutinous rice  600g
Sugar 500g



1. Glutinous rice soaked overnight, ground into a rice paddle, press out the water using the bag (6 hours).

2. Add sugar and mix well, then pour into the mold which placed with banana leaves or cellophane. Steam for 6,7 hours and then slower the heat to get the colour cake changed.

3. When the cake done, take out and leave it to cool. Then, take out and cut the banana leaves on top.

Traditional rice cake takes a long time to simmer, so the process should pay attention to the water steamer, add water when needed. The people who use firewood also need to pay attention by adding the wood.


Taboos of traditional rice cake making
● not talking nonsense while processing, either praise or criticism.
● menstruation women and pregnant women are not allowed to go near or help in rice cakes making.
● funeral issue or participate in the funeral also cannot and will not be allowed to help make rice cakes.

Breach of taboo or will result
● take longer to steamed rice cakes.
● unfamiliar steamed rice cake.
● cake surface pit holes holes, not smooth.

According to tradition, in the production of rice cakes used to block the evil items
● weapon, usually a knife
● red paper
● wipe grass, grapefruit leaves, lime leaves leprosy (optional 2-like)
* 4-like objects tied together, tied to the lid.










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