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Kek Lok Si
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Kek Lok Si
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Kek Lok Si is the one of the best Buddhist temples in South-east Asia. It stands royally on a hill in Air Itam and crafted with the attractive of ''Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas''. Previously, the temple was named as the Temple of Supreme Bliss due to it stood on the hillside may view all over the town of Ayer Itam.


This temple was begun in 1890 and all appearances, construction really hasn't ever stopped. It's still keep going on and created the largest temple in Malaysia.

The construction of the temple started in the year of 1893, but in 1930 temple was named with the Pagoda of Rama VI, after the Thai king who laid the foundation stone, but better known as the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddha's was completed. It combines a Chinese octagonal base with a middle tier of Thai design, and a Burmese crown, reproducing the temple's hold of both Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. 

This amazing building took more than 20 years to build which features gardens, a turtle pond, shrines and beautiful statues. The Kek Lok Si project was motivated by the chief monk of the Goddess of Mercy Temple of Pitt Street. With the support of the consular representative of China in Penang, the project received an authorization of the Manchu Emperor Kuang Hsi, who donated a tablet and gift of 70,000 volumes of the Imperial Edition of the Buddhist Sutras.




There are 12 animal zodiacs statues, fish pond, temples, white pagoda, 30.2m bronze statue of the Avalokitesvara - Goddess of Mercy or Kuan Yin, standing on the hillside above the pagoda, was completed and open to the public at the end of 2002. Getting there may use the 'incline lift' -- an elevator sized glass box mounted on rails which goes up to the terrace above the existing temple where the goddess stands. It costs RM2 each way.






This temple becomes very busy and delightful each time when there are several activities like Chinese New Year, Chap Goh Meh or Moon Festival when the temple complex is lit up with thousands of lanterns. You may also find that there are lots of souvenir shops leading up to the temple and the famous hawker foods such as Laksa are busy near the Air Itam market.

It starts every early morning till late evening and the admission is free. Rapid Penang Bus No. 203 goes to Air Itam Village at the foot of Kek Lok Si.


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