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Powerd By : NorthPony
Penang Toy Museum
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Penang Toy Museum
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This museum house over 100,000 toys, dolls and others fun collectibles. The 650 sq m. museum is located in Jalan Tanjung Bungah, just in front of the Copthorne Orchid Hotel which the road is heading towards Batu Ferringhi. It has also entered Malaysia Book of Records as the first toy museum in the country and with the largest toy and figurine collection.

Passion for toys is where it all begins, says the proud owner Loh Lean Cheng of his collections. He was inspired with toys collection after visiting the London Toy and Model Museum at the age of 19.

Starting from the first toy, he bought in 1973 at 0.5 pound (Popeye), his collection just keeps on growing & growing. As for today, almost everything about toys can be found here.

The museum is divided into few categories that consist of:

• Cave of Dinosaurs
• Chamber of Comic Book Heroes
• Chamber of Fantasy
• Chamber of Horror
• Chamber of Monsters
• Fields of Combat
• Hall of Beauties.
• Halls of Cartoons
• Hall of Celebrities
• Hall of Rock Legends
• Hall of Virtual Reality
• Star Wars Collections
• And more...




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