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Penanghelp - Food

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2.7/5 (30 votes)
Food/Food Info
Bee Koh Moy also known as Bee Koh Mooi, Bee Koh Moi, Bee Ko Moi, etc. It uses black glutinous rice porridge served with a spoonful of coconut milk. It is a Nyonya dessert usually taken during tea time. Some people add gengeng...
2.6/5 (30 votes)
Food Type: Chinese Food Location: Coffee Shop Beside Snake Temple Steamed rice is a simple dish but it isn't common in a lot of places if compare to other foods. There is a small little stall which sells different kinds of steamed...
3.1/5 (33 votes)
Chinese Teochew Noodle : Koay Chap Location                         : Behind BM Pek Kong Cheng         One of the popular food in Bukit Mertajam’s is Koay Chap, a Teochew (some say Swatow) dish combining koay...
2.8/5 (33 votes)
Chinese Noodle : Lao Shu Fen (Mi Cai Bak) Location           : Beside Pek Kong Cheng Temple, Bukit Mertajam      There is a famous stall sell Lao Shu Fen (Yin Zhen Fen) is a Short Rice Noodle which is next to Tua Pek Kong Temple,...
2.6/5 (33 votes)
Chinese Noodle : White Wantan Mee Location          :  Beside Pek Kong Cheng Temple, Bukit Mertajam       A stall located just beside left of the temple Tua Pek Kong was famous with his White Wantan Mee and it has been given a lot...
2.8/5 (29 votes)
Chinese Noodle : Hokkien Mee(Prawn Noodle) Location           : Beside the Pek Kong Cheng Temple, Bukit Mertajam.      There is a Hokkien Mee (or Prawn Noodle) stall just beside the Pek Kong Cheng temple, Bukit Mertajam and it is...
2.8/5 (28 votes)
Rice       : Roast Chicken & Pork Rice Location : Jalan Pasar, 14000 Bikit Mertajam      The stall is just opposite the KFC restaurant BM and at the right is GSL (M) Sdn. Bhd. It is a family traditional business for more than 20...
3.2/5 (30 votes)
Chinese Food : BM Yam Rice GPS coordinate: 5.21690 / 100.27787 Location: Jalan Murthy, 14000 Bukit Mertajam (Below the "Eastern Printers") The famous BM Yam Rice in BM town, which is located below the “Eastern Printers”. The moment you walk...
2.6/5 (28 votes)
Western Food : Sandwiches, Ice Fire Polo Bun, Oldtown’s French Toast, White Coffee, etc. Location         : Bukit Mertajam    The kopitiam is big and may be the 2nd largest branch in Penang. I think Old Town Kopitiam at New World...
2.9/5 (28 votes)
Dishes : Ipoh Salted Chicken & Vegetables Location : Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus Telephone : 04-6264154 Contact Person : Mr.Liew This stall selling Ipoh salted chicken (yim gouk kai) has a signboard by the road side of the bustling Burma...

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