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Penanghelp - Food

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Location, Food Info

2.8/5 (31 votes)
Chinese Noodle  : Kang Beef Koay Teow Soup Location       : Jalan Kulim, 14000 Bukit Mertajam GPS Coordinates : 5.3540448 / 100.4714298        There is not much beef soup noodle in Bukit Mertajam. Recommend the popularity Kang Beef Koay...
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 | 7322 hits | Read more
2.9/5 (34 votes)
Chinese Noodle  : Duck Egg Fried Koay Teow GPS Coordinate: : N05' 21.735,  E100' 27.695 Location            : Jalan Pasar, Bukit Mertajam      There are a numbers famous duck egg fried koay teow in BM area. One of it is at Jalan...
Monday, 07 September 2009 | 8808 hits | Read more
2.8/5 (28 votes)
Food/Food Info
Jawa Mee, or Mee Jawa, is a Penang Nyonya noodle soup. Despite its name, Jawa Mee has its origin from Jawa Indonesia. It is one of the famous noodles in Malaysia. The sweet and a bit sour make the soup more appetizers. ...
3.1/5 (35 votes)
Chinese Food Noodle : Laksa Address :  475, Penang Road, Penang 10000 Penang Road Asam Laksa is one of the famous asam laksa in Penang which is located in Joo Hooi coffeshop. It is located at the same place where the famous cendol is located....
2.8/5 (29 votes)
  Food Type: Chinese Food Location: New Lane & Kimberley Street   Does anyone likes almond tea (heng jin in hokkien)?   There are 2 stalls in Penang that are famous for this drink, sweet dessert soup. The owners are brothers who...
2.6/5 (38 votes)
Chinese Noodle : Duck Koay Chiap Location           : Lebuh Kimberley, Penang, Malaysia. GPS Coordinates: 5.416489, 100.332717 Contact person  : Mr.Poh The stall located by the road side at Kimberley Street, nearby the Restaurant Goh...
2.6/5 (30 votes)
Noodle: Hand Noodle Add: Lot 34, NO.1 Tingkat Bukit Minyak 9, Taman Bukit Minyak, 14000 Seberang Perai Tengah (Inside Krico Superstore) Tel: 04 - 5017888 Fax: 04 - 5017887 Email: QianRi.HN@gmail.com GSP Coordinates: 5.32861 / 100.446796 Qian Ri...
2.9/5 (34 votes)
Chinese Noodle : Char Koay Teow, Laksa, Mee Jawa, Otak-otak & Steam Yam Cake. Location                : Macalister Road, Penang GSP Coordinates: N05 25.1705  / E100 19.0500 Lam Heng Kafe located at Macalister Road, just...
2.9/5 (32 votes)
Noodle & Porridge : Seafood Beehoon and Pork Porridge Location              : Jalan Jelutong, Penang GPS Coordinates   : 5.394454 / 100.315626 Lam Kei located in Nam Thean coffee shop along the busy Jalan Jelutong, near Mobil...
2.9/5 (39 votes)
Noodle & Porridge : Seafood Beehoon and Pork Porridge Location              : 186G, MK 12, Sungai Tiram, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang GPS Cordinates     : 5.39424 / 100.315583 Another Lam Kei stall (branch from Lam Kei, Jalan...

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