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Powerd By : NorthPony
Penang Chinese Town Hall
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     Penang Chinese Town Hall was formerly Ping-zhang Hall, was founded in the late nineteenth century.  It was established from the British colonial rulers in motion, whose main purpose is to coordinate the private overseas Chinese will be the party struggles with civil disputes, the colonial government to maintain social order and consolidate his rule and power, is not fully maintained, the common interests of overseas Chinese.

     Till the twentieth century, also, due to Ping-zhang Hall early colonization of the Constitution, power concentrated in a handful of gentry, the lack of democratic spirit, it would only make Queen's authority, loss of the role of civil society, not paying attention to Chinese cell, exists in name only .  After World War II, Penang to celebrate the liberation day of peace, community revitalization, such as mushroom, a Huan-sheng, and the Ping-zhang Hall still like hibernation.  Although the community has trouble Tut words, due to dominate someone, find smth rash.  As a result, this enough to lead the Chinese community organizations, the whole covered with weeds, seen a large fall, lost its vitality.

     Until the early seventies, it aroused the antipathy of the ethnic Chinese community, the first shock at the outrage, was the late octogenarian Mr. Xie Liantang charity for the elderly, he had publicly called on the Kwong Wah Yit Poh Ping-zhang Hall responsible person wake up from slumber.

     November 16th, 1974 Penang Chief Minister, Dr. Lin Cangyou, in the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce co-registered society banquets in his speech, a special appeal to all Penang Chinese and society should make a determined effort, rehabilitation Ping-zhang Hall, as we Expression of the center of social and economic aspirations, as well as unity and strength of the Chinese, effectively establishing a united Malaysian society.  The private and official character of the revelation can be said to be a wake-up call wake-up call gentlemen Ping-zhang Hall of deacons, but also aroused the entire Chinese-resonance Penang Chinese groups.

     House re-election in 1974 the sound of Ping-zhang, offer himself as the new Chairman, Mr. Zhuanghan Liang, Chuang have ambition, to fulfill its ambitions, the Ping-zhang Hall overhaul to make it a truly Chinese and ethnic Chinese groups the lead agency to achieve the Chinese desire for unity.  So Zhang Hongbao, Wanshan response.  Pseudo-state of Penang in November the same year, the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce to convene the Conference of Doctrine of the Faith, made three important decisions, established the reform program objectives: first, the English decided that the hall was originally called Ping-zhang (Chinese Town Hall) to change to Penang State of the Chinese Town Hall, the original meaning consistent with fame, and to adapt to today's Chinese community, the actual need.  Second, to establish seven-member team, public and give the dealer sound, linga-Mei, LUO Shi-Mei, WU are closed, Zhu-qing-kun, Lee Kau Dun, Chen Huo-yen for members to study the club reconstruction.  Third, for reconstruction of the club to apply to the Ministry of Finance, the amount exempted from income tax Xian incident.

     December 3 at the Doctrine of the Faith, the Associate in particular the General Assembly resolved that: Yi Ping-zhang Hall China, entitled "Penang Chinese Town Hall", unanimously adopted, and applied for official registration.  Rotary to reconvene on February 21, 1975 joint meeting of the Associate Doctrine of the Faith, and the other seven-member panel was established, public and give Zhuanghan Liang, bookmakers sound, Tsai Ming-fu, Chen Gui days, Chen Huo-yen, Xu equality, Zhu-qing-kun as members to study the amendments to City Hall draft statutes, innovation movement has entered a stage for positive action.

     In 1975, the Hall, to build 10-story building, enthusiastic response by the community, all sectors of Jing Xian-phase donation.  December 19 1978 at the opening ceremony, and in 1983, the 100 anniversary of the establishment of Ping-zhang Center, announced the completion of a new building.

     Since the reorganization of the Hall to accept the state and individuals within the Chinese group members, to September 2008, there were 501 units of group members, as well as individual members 45598. 
     The Hall is located 53 person Executive Committee meets once every two months.  Upon completion of each election, the Board re-elected by the Standing Committee of 22: To the President, the Acting Chairman of a Vice-five, general one, the Deputy General 2, Finance 1, the Deputy Financial 1 , culture, education, welfare and liaison group, and deputy director of each one, the library director and trade director of the CMC member.

     Furthermore, another of the Youth League and women's team set up.  In 1993, after members of Congress to amend the Constitution to provide that the head of the Youth League and the women's team as an ex-director of the Standing Committee.

     The Hall has Chinese-language library, open to the membership for students and the public to participate as a member.  Library by the management committee, whose members will be from the Chinese school teachers, representatives of Chinese managers Federation of Chinese School Alumni Association composed of representatives and cultural and educational circles.  Libraries also employ a library director, the Deputy Director and Librarian, managing the library's daily affairs.

 "Organization profile" 
Membership: Penang Chinese Town Hall Membership is divided into groups and individual members.  Where the state Chinese group, may apply to join as a corporate member: Any citizen of Chinese descent living in Penang you can apply for individual members.

General: Bin Huatang highest authority for members annual General Assembly, meets once a year.

Executive Committee: Member elected 46 executive committee every two years, management of the Hall Meetings.  Executive Committee Executive Committee is divided into groups and individual executive committee, group executive committee elected by the group members, individual executive committee elected by individual members.  Bin Huatang the Executive Committee, Executive Committee by the 26 groups, 22 individual executive members and the Youth League head women's team director, and three appointed executive committee composed of a total of 53.

The Standing Committee: Executive Committee at each election is completed, the Board itself is re-elected by 22 the Standing Committee, including the Chairman, Acting Chairman, Vice-Chairman (5), the General, the Deputy General (2), finance, Deputy finance, welfare / Supplies / Contact / training / trade, director of a deputy director of the one, and the women's team director and head of the Youth League.  The Standing Committee responsible for managing the daily affairs of seven dynasties.

Eight Group: In addition to the establishment of the Executive Committee under the welfare, culture and education, liaison group, there were women's team, the Youth League and the trade group had set up, each group to promote activities in accordance with their respective fields.  In addition, the Penang Huatang maintains a library, by the Management Board.

Working Group: The various groups, according to the nature of activities required to set up Sub-committee and the working committee will be to carry out the activities.

Secretariat: Executive Committee, the Standing Committee, the panel's resolution, as well as routine administrative work, by the staff of the Secretariat to implement it.  Secretariat by the Executive Secretary, Acting Executive Secretary, Deputy Executive Secretary, an Administrative Assistant, Accounts Officer, as well as a number of secretaries, comprising four buildings, including the administrator.

"Summary of Activities"
• City Hall
• Trade Group
• Welfare Section
• Cultural Group
• Liaison Group
• Women's team, Youth
• Library


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