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Q1. How to add a topic ?
Ans: Go to Categories tab -> select the different categories of PgHelp forum -> click "New Thread" button

Q2. How to reply a post ?
Ans: Click a topic that u interested -> click the reply button -> after finish reply the topic just click for "submit" button

Q3. What the purpose of "Quote" button ?
Ans: Click on "Quote" button and display the reply form. Its mean just replied for the title that you want to reply.

Q4. Why can't add a category of PgHelp forum ?
Ans: Yes. Users is not allow to add a new category for PgHelp forum and just can add a new topic for the categories of forum that you selected only.

Q5. How to view the latest discussion only ?
Ans: Click on "Recent Discussions" tab for the forum function.

Q6. How to edit my profile details ?
Ans: Users need login to the page and click on the "My Profile" tab. Click on the following tab and select the "My Profile Info" label under "Forum Settings" categories at left hand side-> display out user information that allow user to edit -> click the "Submit" button for update the information.

Q7. How to search a specific topic under the PgHelp forum ?
Ans: At the top right hand side of the PgHelp forum had a searching box that allow user type a topic for searching the specific topic -> click on "Go" button -> display out the details that user insert.

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